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"A passion for the art of food"

Fama Delicatessen Products was started in South Africa in 1987 by RobertoPrior to opening the factory in Johannesburg, Roberto spent some years between Italy and Spain, gathering information and experience about traditional methods of curing meats to add to the experience and information which had been passed onto him by his ancestors.

These methods, and vast amount of experience were passed on to Nuno and Carla in 2011, the new generation at Fama. 

Nuno and Carla have been carrying on the passion for "THE SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT" since then and practice these principles on a daily basis. This movement was developed in the Mediterranean countries. Slow Food is an organization that promotes local food and traditional cooking. It is an alternative to fast food. It strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.

At FAMA Deli, only the best quality meat and spices are used to make the superior quality products and Nuno personally oversees all production.


Fama Delicatessen has been published in many newspapers and magazines, including Woolworths Taste Magazine in July 2011 and the Sunday Times in April 2017.


"It's all about using the right ingredients, sticking to time-honoured methods and working in a suitable environment. What I do is not very different to what my ancestors did. When I was a child my parents made good products because they were at the foot of Aragonian, part of the Pyrenees. In a sense the environment was very like it is here. The Gauteng micro-climate is excellent for making Serrano. Johannesburg is at 1 700 meters above sea level so I can get the kind of conditions I need, just as my parents and grandparents could"   Roberto Sa Gimenez

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"Nothing brings people
    TOGETHER like good food!"

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